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Platinum Sponsors

Actualize Solar

Actualize Solar develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates utility-scale solar, wind, and battery storage energy projects through a joint venture with Greenvolt. We are active in regulated and unregulated markets across multiple states and 14 countries in Europe.

We offer flexible renewable energy solutions to reduce or offset Scope 2 emissions via several structures such as PPA, VPPA or transferring full or partial ownership of the project to you.

In the past 20 years, the Actualize Solar team has leveraged over 35 gigawatts of solar, wind, battery storage and conventional power projects. 

Benchmark Gensuite

Benchmark Gensuite® enables companies to implement robust, cross-functional digital systems for EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Reporting through a unified digital platform—locally, globally and across diverse operating profiles.

With intuitive, best-practice-based process functionality, flexible configurations, and powerful extensions, the Benchmark Gensuite® platform has helped companies worldwide manage their EHS, Sustainability; Quality; Operational Risk and Compliance; Product Stewardship, and Supply Chain Risks for over two decades; and now organically integrated with cutting-edge ESG disclosure reporting and management solutions. Join over 3 million users that trust Benchmark Gensuite® with their software system needs and benefit from rapid deployment and adoption, immediate return on investment (ROI), service excellence, and collaborative innovation.

Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systèmes is a catalyst for human progress. We provide business and people with collaborative virtual environments to imagine sustainable innovations. By creating virtual twin experiences of the real world with our 3DEXPERIENCE platform and applications, our customers can redefine the creation, production and life-cycle-management processes of their offer – with a meaningful, sustainable impact. Dassault Systèmes brings value to more than 300,000 companies in more than 150 countries.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Deloitte Sustainability is driven by the conviction that solving the most pressing challenges for people and planet is simply smart business. With a global network of experienced professionals connected through insights, technology, industry depth, and a shared passion for responsible growth, we help guide organizations through the complexities of the ever-changing climate and equity horizon. From assisting with identifying risks to navigating regulatory landscapes, enabling responsible value chains, charting paths to net zero, and engineering equitable outcomes, we help create measurable progress towards a sustainable future.

Schneider Electric

Workiva, Inc.

Workiva Inc. (NYSE:WK) is on a mission to power transparent reporting for a better world. They build and deliver the world’s leading cloud platform for assured integrated reporting to meet stakeholder demands for action, transparency, and disclosure of financial and non-financial data. Workiva offers the only unified SaaS platform that brings customers’ financial reporting, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) together in a controlled, secure, audit-ready platform. Their platform simplifies the most complex reporting and disclosure challenges by streamlining processes, connecting data and teams, and ensuring consistency.

Gold Sponsors


Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies, helping clients become data-enabled and data-driven in the digital era. We enable our clients to develop ESG strategies and programs that account for present and future environmental risks, regulations, and expectations.

Silver Sponsors


With world-class expertise in science-based advisory, market-leading digital solutions, the development of high-quality carbon removal projects and purpose consulting, strategy and communication, Anthesis is uniquely positioned to manage risk and find value for our clients in their transformation journeys.

Carbonfuture Inc.

Carbonfuture is the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal. Today, the Trust Infrastructure consists of two products that seamlessly connect the entire carbon removal lifecycle: Carbonfuture MRV+, the most comprehensive MRV solution for durable CDR, and Carbonfuture Marketplace, the leading marketplace for durable CDR.
At Carbonfuture, we build trust throughout the carbon removal journey with our rigorous, data-driven approach, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability of carbon removal. We empower suppliers by providing the essential project support and finance needed to transform their carbon removal projects into fully certified carbon credits. For corporate buyers, we offer access to portfolios of carbon removal credits adhering to the highest quality standards and provide visibility at each step of the carbon removal lifecycle. We work with some of the world’s most ambitious climate leaders such as Microsoft, Swiss Re, and the World Economic Forum First Movers Coalition.

Coho, an ERM Group Company

Coho, an ERM Group Company, is a global climate advisor dedicated to helping clients navigate complexity and take ambitious steps on their climate journey. We provide deep market insight, analytical problem-solving, and change management expertise so that clients can switch to renewable energy and make other large-scale climate and water resiliency investments with confidence and internal alignment. To learn more about how Coho can help you get ahead of your climate goals, visit

Green Circle Solutions

A turnkey and cost-effective solution designed to help you reduce the environmental impact of PPE. This affordable program makes it easy to ensure PPE is recycled and repurposed responsibly and safely.

Nasdaq, Inc.

At Nasdaq, our position at the intersection of capital markets and corporate technology allows us to approach environmental, social, and governance issues from a unique vantage point. Our work across both the corporate and investment communities, in addition to our work with regulators and standards setters, creates a virtuous cycle. Nasdaq serves the corporate community throughout their ESG lifecycle, helping public companies navigate the capital markets, evolving private companies’ progress to becoming a public company, and engaging with all types of companies to navigate a diverse and complex shareholder landscape.

Redaptive Sustainability Services Inc

Redaptive is an Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and installs energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. Redaptive’s programs help many of the world’s most sophisticated organizations reduce energy waste, save money, lower their carbon emissions, and meet their sustainability goals across their entire real estate portfolios. With Redaptive, customers can overcome capital and contractual barriers to achieve energy-saving benefits quickly, all with real-time data powered by Redaptive’s proprietary Data Solutions metering platform. Redaptive was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Denver, CO.

Workshop Sponsors

Carbon Neutral Royalty Ltd.


EcoVadis is a purpose-driven company dedicated to embedding sustainability intelligence into every business decision across the global marketplace. Businesses of all sizes rely on EcoVadis to comply with ESG regulations, reduce GHG emissions, and monitor and improve sustainability performance of their business and trading partners. Its actionable scorecards, tools and e-learning platform guide ESG improvement journeys across 200 industries in 175 countries. Leaders like Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Unilever, LVMH, Bridgestone, BASF and JPMorgan are among 125,000+ businesses that collaborate with EcoVadis to drive resilience, sustainable growth and positive impact worldwide. Learn more on or our Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Okapi Environmental Services LLC

With a unique and effective skill set, Okapi Environmental Services is a leading consulting partner in the fields Sustainability and Zero Waste operations.

We provide end-to-end, turn-key solution through:

  • Strategic Development
  • Tactical Executional Support
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Data-driven Performance Analysis

Utilizing our proprietary OPTIMUM plan, we develop a customized plan for your organization, utilizing an approach combining accountability, transparency, and teamwork achieving permanence to advance your brand’s value.

An end-to-end solution partner for your Sustainability program


Pulsora Inc.

Pulsora is the all-in-one platform for enterprise sustainability management. Every day, hundreds of the world’s leading organizations use our purpose-built software to measure, report, and improve their sustainability and ESG initiatives. We deliver accurate, timely, and compliant reporting and insights, enabling organizations to shift from cumbersome, manual processes to streamlined, automated, and insight-driven operations. Founded in 2021, Pulsora is a public benefit corporation on a mission to help organizations to drive impactful change and contribute to a better, more profitable, and more equitable world.


Anew Climate

As a leading marketer and originator of environmental products, Anew Climate offers a portfolio of high-integrity solutions including carbon credits, renewable natural gas, advisory services, renewable energy certificates, EV credits, and emission credits. The company brings together strategic finance, regulatory expertise, scientific knowledge, leading-edge technology, and impact focus to make it possible for businesses and communities to thrive while building a sustainable future. Anew is majority owned by TPG Rise, TPG’s global impact investing platform. The company has offices in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and an environmental commodities portfolio that extends across five continents. Learn more at

Arrow Electronics

Arrow‘s proficient and seasoned team is poised to assist you in selling and implementing IBM’s Green Stack solutions, supporting your customers throughout every stage of their Sustainability & Responsibility journey. As the authorized representative of IBM in both the United States and Canada, Arrow is committed to delivering comprehensive support for your sustainability initiatives.


Cority is a leading global EHS, Sustainability and ESG software provider. For over 35 years, Cority’s people-first software solutions have been built by EHS and sustainability experts who know the pressures businesses face. ​Trusted by 1,600 organizations worldwide, Cority deeply cares about helping people work toward a better future for everyone.

Cority’s Sustainability Cloud solution enables companies to collect, measure, track and report sustainability and ESG data across their operations, their supply chain and their investments. Strengthened by recent acquisitions of sustainability software providers – Greenstone, WeSustain and Reporting21 – Cority provides market-leading sustainability software solutions and supporting services for companies at any stage of their sustainability reporting journey; whether they are just starting out or have been reporting for years.


Enhesa is the leading provider of regulatory and sustainability intelligence worldwide. As a trusted partner, we empower the global business community with the insight to act today and prepare for tomorrow to create a more sustainable future – positively impacting our environment, our health, our safety, and our future. Navigating the fast-changing compliance and sustainability landscapes, we help them understand not just what they should do (first), but also how to do it. Both in their unique business and anywhere in the world. Now and in the future.

Manifest Climate

For sustainability teams that require climate disclosure guidance, Manifest Climate is an AI powered software that creates a climate action plan tailored for your organization. Unlike conducting manual research or engaging with a consultant, Manifest Climate gives you immediate and ongoing access to insights that accelerate your climate strategy and disclosure reporting, at a fraction of the cost and time.


Novisto has developed an ESG management platform that goes beyond data, helping companies clarify, build, and evolve their sustainability performance for the long term. Founded in Montréal in 2019, Novisto is a private company backed by Inovia, White Star Capital, Diagram Ventures, Portage, and SCOR Ventures.


Additional Sponsorships

Actualize Solar

Actualize Solar develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates utility-scale solar, wind, and battery storage energy projects through a joint venture with Greenvolt. We are active in regulated and unregulated markets across multiple states and 14 countries in Europe.

We offer flexible renewable energy solutions to reduce or offset Scope 2 emissions via several structures such as PPA, VPPA or transferring full or partial ownership of the project to you.

In the past 20 years, the Actualize Solar team has leveraged over 35 gigawatts of solar, wind, battery storage and conventional power projects. 

Sponsor Of The

Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC

Calpine Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation, has earned recognition as a top retail energy provider in the country by supplying natural gas and electricity to clients with complex energy portfolios and providing expertise in sustainable energy and risk management advisory services. At Solutions, every client engagement (whether focused on renewable energy, demand management, and/or traditional grid power) begins by examining the goals, objectives, and constraints of client organizations.

The most successful sustainability initiatives are ones that are fully integrated into the energy risk management program and the most successful energy programs are developed with thoughtful consideration of the sustainability goals. We achieve success for our clients by utilizing our risk management tools and analytics to develop a comprehensive energy risk management policy for both the energy and sustainability teams in the organization.

Sponsor Of The


At our core, CheckSammy is a Sustainability company. We have a network of over 25,000 recycling and reverse logistics facilities, which allows us to maximize material diversion away from landfill and minimize distance traveled from source to destination. All our services are powered by Veridiant, our Sustainability Platform.

CheckSammy diverts excess materials away from the landfill and Veridiant gives you auditable, verifiable data to improve your ESG and Diversion scores. Together, there is no better solution to strategically manage, analyze and optimize your ESG and diversion metrics.

Our Sustainability Network enables us to recycle or repurpose a wide variety of industrial materials and post-consumer products, including appliances, e-waste, metals, organics cardboard and more.

CheckSammy and Veridiant truly offer Sustainability as a Service.

Sponsor Of The

Sponsor Of The

FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes: financial, legal, operational, political and regulatory, reputational and transactional.

Each practice is a leader in its specific field, staffed with experts recognized for their depth of knowledge and track record of making an impact. FTI ESG engagements are led by ESG experts and informed by industry teams that bring deep sector knowledge.

FTI Consulting provides extensive support to its clients as they navigate today’s evolving ESG-driven demands. From sustainability reporting and regulatory support to data integrity, due diligence, supply chain audits and ESG-related internal investigations, our experts advance your organization towards a more sustainable and just future.

Sponsor Of The

NextEra Energy Resources

NextEra Energy Resources is the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun and a world leader in battery storage. We’ve pioneered technologies that have transformed our industry. We help companies decarbonize their operations step by step while also reducing costs.  No two clean energy strategies look the same. We choose, combine and customize the right solution for every partner’s cost and carbon objectives.  Visit to see how our solutions can help you reach your clean energy goals. NextEra Energy Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE)

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Shell Energy

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