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Executive Platforms builds world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the senior leadership of businesses and organizations with common objectives, interests, and challenges. Our team is committed to excellence. Through careful and concerted effort based upon decades of experience we work to elevate the conversation and provide all of our stakeholders with a trusted platform to network, benchmark, learn, and grow together to inspire success in their working lives.

Hear leaders from the world’s top organizations share their insights on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Know that the right people are in the room: Every delegate joins the group through recommendations from our network of senior-level decision-makers.

Join themed lunch discussions hosted by industry leaders and attended by executives who know what they want to talk about while sharing a meal with their peers.

Guarantee the best use of your time onsite by scheduling conversations with speakers, delegates, and sponsors before attending the event.

Learn from content-rich agendas showcasing real-world examples of the ideas and insights that are changing the way organizations work.

Meet old friends and make new ones at our Welcome and Day One networking drinks receptions, complete with great refreshments and live entertainment.

Enjoy exclusive by-invitation-only dinners with industry peers in private dining rooms, hosted by organizations that are moving the needle on the big issues and challenges of the day.

Sit down in our exhibition hall with the most relevant, accomplished, and cutting-edge service and solution providers working today.

Upcoming Events
North American HR Executive Summit (NAHRES)
January 27 - 28, 2020
Orlando, FL
Human Resources professionals are faced with constant change as their organizations work to advance goals, develop projects, and shape the corporate culture of senior management and its workforce. Executives need to innovate and collaborate as they engage individually and collectively with new and ongoing challenges and opportunities.
EP Awards – Human Resources
January 27, 2021
Orlando, FL
Human Resources EP Awards will recognize and champion the people and projects that deserve to be held up as worthy examples for others to learn from and engage with on their own journeys towards excellence.
North American Food Safety & Quality (NAFS)
June 2 - 3, 2020
Chicago, IL
As food regulations and customer expectations continue to evolve across the United States and around the world, food and beverage companies work constantly to meet and exceed expectations. Food safety and quality issues from farm to fork are paramount for both corporate success and public well-being. Food safety, quality, and compliance challenges are not a competitive space, they are a shared responsibility. The executives responsible for food excellence know they are more effective sharing and learning with one another to improve the common good.
North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit (NAMES)
April 7 - 8, 2020
Chicago, IL
As the North American manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, companies face constant pressure to adapt and grow in a competitive global marketplace. An ongoing commitment to improving productivity, performance, delivery, quality, compliance, environmental footprint, and customer satisfaction is the new normal. Understanding the unique solutions other manufacturers develop to universal challenges has never been more important.
Pharma Manufacturing World Summit (PMWS)
June 22 - 23, 2020
Boston, MA
The Industrial Internet of Things gives pharmaceutical executives new ways to improve cost performance while maintaining quality and compliance in the midst of rapidly changing supply chain models. The Pharma Manufacturing World Summit brings together the senior executives making the big decisions for high-level strategic discussions that will shape the future of their industry.
North American Supply Chain Executive Summit (NASCES)
September 15 - 16, 2020
Chicago, IL
Supply Chain Management as a professional discipline is under constant evolution. The challenges of getting things where they need to be on-time, on-budget in the quantity and quality required are falling more and more onto a key group of experienced innovators who have learned on the job while creating a new job title out of half a dozen existing roles.
EP Awards – Supply Chain
September 15, 2020
Chicago, IL
Supply Chain EP Awards will recognize and champion the people and projects that deserve to be held up as worthy examples for others to learn from and engage with on their own journeys towards excellence.
North American E-Tail Operations Summit (NAEOS)
October 5 - 6, 2020
Dallas, TX
As eCommerce in North America continues to evolve and mature, companies are pursuing new and different ways to satisfy the needs of today’s customers, clients, consumers, and shoppers. From omnichannel strategies to last-mile delivery tactics and all points in-between, the need to innovate and improve is constant. Learning what does and does not work from industry peers saves time and money while improving performance metrics and customer satisfaction.
Biomanufacturing World Summit (BMWS)
November 11 - 12, 2019
San Diego, CA
As the global biopharmaceutical industry continues to grow and evolve, companies are constantly facing pressures to focus on the patient as they improve the quality, efficacy, cost, and compliance of their life-saving products. The Biomanufacturing World Summit brings together the “who’s who” of pharmaceutical executives, cutting-edge technology providers and media partners for North America’s premier biologics event.
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