About Executive Platforms

Executive Platforms builds world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the senior leadership of businesses and organizations with common objectives, interests, and challenges. Our team is committed to excellence. Through careful and concerted effort based upon decades of experience we work to elevate the conversation and provide all of our stakeholders with a trusted platform to network, benchmark, learn, and grow together to inspire success in their working lives.

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Hear leaders from the world’s top organizations share their insights on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Executive Platforms recruits its keynote speakers, case study presenters, chairs, panelists, lunch-and-learn roundtable leaders, industry focus group hosts, workshop speakers, town hall moderators, and other speaker faculty positions through an ever-growing network of referrals from our audiences and advisory boards.

Candidates are invited to contribute to Executive Platforms’ programs based on their experience and expertise, the strength and relevance of their content, and their willingness to share with their industry peers. Some members of past speaker faculties return year over year in roles of increasing prominence: Last year’s roundtable leader might become this year’s panelist; this year’s case study presenter could be next year’s keynote speaker.

Speakers are encouraged to keep their presentations short and focused with time set aside for Q&A. An emphasis is always placed on the real-world examples –not just of what works, but of what doesn’t work, what may one day work, and of what other organizations can learn from the stories being shared.


Know that the right people are in the room: Every delegate joins the group through recommendations from our network of senior-level decision-makers.

The uniform seniority of our audience is a unique feature of Executive Platforms events. Guaranteeing a high-level of authority among attendees is achieved through a strict vetting and by-invitation-only delegate registration process as guided by the recommendations of past and current participants and advisory board members.

These senior-level executives know from experience that the success of our gatherings is rooted in executives meeting to share their challenges and solutions in total confidence that they are speaking among peers.

There are conversations happening at Executive Platforms events that do not happen anywhere else, because every delegate can trust he or she is engaging with colleagues.

Executive Platforms is committed to finding the universal issues and opportunities connecting leaders across different industry verticals and sectors to bring the right people together who never would otherwise be in the same room. Executive Platforms facilitates introductions and conversations among old colleagues and new colleagues, always based on the idea that given the opportunity, peers will find mutually beneficial ways to make the most of their interactions.

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Join themed lunch discussions hosted by industry leaders and attended by executives who know what they want to talk about while sharing a meal with their peers.

Sometimes the best takeaways from an event come from the informal and spontaneous talks that come up when people break bread together. What if you could guarantee ahead of time what you were going to talk about over a meal with your industry peers? At an Executive Platforms event, you can do just that.

Among the most popular features of every Executive Platforms event are the lunch-and-learn roundtable discussions. Advertised ahead of time and running on both days of our agenda, these intimate and interactive exchanges revolve around a specific topic as chosen by the lunch’s host. This executive, a member of the event’s speaker faculty, has volunteered to be a first among equals, moderating the ebb and flow of conversation between ten other delegates who signed up to share their thoughts and experiences relevant to the announced issue.


Guarantee the best use of your time onsite by scheduling conversations with speakers, delegates, and sponsors before attending the event.

The promise Executive Platforms makes to every participant of our events is simple: You will find value in attending our event, and a return on the investment of your time away from your operations. The backbone of how Executive Platforms delivers on that promise is giving every participant the opportunity to preschedule meetings with the people they already know they want to speak with onsite. Before our attendees leave their office –before they board their planes or get in their cars—they already know they are going to meet with the speakers, delegates, and service and solution providers who will give them the takeaway that makes attending the event worthwhile.

Executive Platforms takes all the guesswork out of meeting people onsite. Participants fill out profiles ahead of time listing interests and information that will help everyone identify the people they most want to engage with at our event. Next, we preschedule these mutually agreed upon one-on-one meetings in dedicated blocks of time and at easily identified tables throughout our exhibition hall. Finally, Executive Platforms team members actively work through both days of the event to make sure all the meetings are completed.

Yes, people still do all kinds of networking spontaneously on their own, but if there are meetings that will make the difference between a good event and a great event, Executive Platforms is committed to scheduling that ahead of time and facilitating those conversations onsite.

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Learn from content-rich agendas showcasing real-world examples of the ideas and insights that are changing the way organizations work.

Keynote presentations give top-level speakers the opportunity to address the entire audience together as a whole. Case studies and workshops run in multiple streams of content concurrently, allowing individual attendees to pick and choose the presentations that matter most to their own working lives. Panel discussions allow multiple viewpoints to collaborate together on a real-time conversation about pressing issues of universal interest to the event’s delegates.

Executive Platforms’ programs are built upon years of industry knowledge and experience and then tailored –session by session—with input and ideas from the speaker faculty and the advisory board to guarantee the timeliness and relevance of the content to its intended audience of senior-level industry executives.


Meet old friends and make new ones at our Welcome and Day One networking drinks receptions, complete with great refreshments and live entertainment.

Executive Platforms events could be described as densely scheduled, but that includes two evening functions to have some unstructured fun mixing and mingling with other attendees. Enjoy some top-notch food and beverages, as well as a range of locally recruited live entertainment.

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Enjoy exclusive by-invitation-only dinners with industry peers in private dining rooms, hosted by organizations that are moving the needle on the big issues and challenges of the day.

Organized and confirmed before the start of our events and taking place after either the Welcome drinks reception or the Day One drinks reception, this intimate and private meal at an excellent restaurant in close proximity to our event will offer a select few of our delegates to enjoy one another’s company while doing a deep dive into topics and trends they all face in their roles as senior leaders of their organizations.


Sit down in our exhibition hall with the most relevant, accomplished, and cutting-edge service and solution providers working today.

In the same way Executive Platforms guarantees its delegates are all senior-level decision-makers within their organizations through a process of referrals and vetting during the delegate registration process, the same is applied to the companies permitted to join our exhibition hall. Executive Platforms does not organize tradeshows. Not just any company with any offering can secure a place in front of our audiences. Instead, we interview our industry delegates asking them what sort of service and solution providers they want to have onsite. What are your current challenges or areas of interest? Where is your organization planning on investing in the next two years?

With those answers in hand, Executive Platforms reaches out to only the best and most relevant service and solution-providers as identified by the industry leaders planning to attend our event. Every one of the small number of sponsors we confirm for our exhibition hall has been curated from the recommendations of our attendees. Based on that, Executive Platforms says with total confidence that the answers and advice our delegates seek can be found in the experts we have gathered on their behalf and at their suggestion.

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Executive Platforms builds events that bring people together. The gatherings are of like-minded people with the same backgrounds and interests and experiences and responsibilities. These people are senior-level executives taking time away from their daily work to network and benchmark with peers behind closed doors to learn and share the ideas and innovations that will make them better. Executive Platforms facilitates conversations that otherwise never would have happened. We are committed to having all of our stakeholders find the positive takeaways that make attending our events worthwhile.


When you join an Executive Platforms event, we guarantee you are among peers in a time and place designed to allow you to find the value that justifies your time out of the office. The Executive Platforms team prides itself on delivering on our promise to invite only relevant participants, personalize their on-site experience to maximize their opportunities to connect with the right people, and ensure everyone involved is committed to sharing what they know and learning what they need.

An Executive Platforms event is not just another industry conference. Attendees form a community of like-minded colleagues who work together to discuss industry trends, challenges and opportunities relevant to their everyday working lives. You know who you are going to speak with before you arrive, and you know you will leave two days later with the idea or the innovation that will make the difference for you and your organization moving forward. That is the Executive Platforms guarantee.