North American Supply Chain Executive Summit (NASCES)

Supply Chain Management as a professional discipline is under constant evolution.  The SCM challenges of getting things where they need to be on-time, on-budget in the quantity and quality required fall upon a key group of business leaders who guide their organizations through both crises and opportunities, all the while reimagining the risk management strategies or yesteryear and enhancing supply chain and logistical capabilities to build competitive advantage in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Now more than ever, transformation and change are the watchwords of how supply chain organizations function. New and emerging tools and technologies are revolutionizing what is possible. Strategies and tactics to build agile, resilient, versatile supply chains in a world of risk and disruption are in a constant state of evolution. Meanwhile, supply chain operations and processes have also transitioned from the cost of doing business to the engine of profit and growth. The influence SCM professionals have on the future of their organizations has never been greater, and the time is fast approaching where a new generation of leaders will need to absorb a wealth of best practices and lessons learned without having to reinvent the wheel.

The North American Supply Chain Executive Summit will bring together a “who’s who” of industry experts, service and solution providers, and media partners from across North America to network, benchmark, share, and learn real-world solutions to universal challenges that face every SCM professional in their daily work.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Supply Chain Optimization and Leadership
  • Risk Management in a World of Disruption
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Globalizing Distribution Channels
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Forecasting
  • Customer-centricity
  • Managing a Dynamic Workforce, Including DEIB
  • Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention
  • New and Emerging Tools and Technologies
  • Supply Chain Sustainability

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Supply Chain Officers
  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • EVPS, SVPs, VPS, and Directors of…
    • Supply Chain
    • Sourcing
    • Procurement
    • Transportation
    • Logistics
    • Operations
    • Planning
    • Manufacturing
    • Sustainability
    • Inventory
    • Fulfillment
      and more

The realm of Supply Chain Management, a professional discipline tightly interwoven with the industry chain, remains in a state of perpetual evolution. The complexities of ensuring timely, cost-efficient delivery, meeting specified quantities and maintaining required quality levels rest upon a pivotal cohort of business leaders. These leaders deftly steer their organizations through periods of crisis and opportunity, all while fostering the growth of supply chain capabilities and competitive advantage.

In the contemporary landscape, the paradigms of supply chain and operations management are defined by transformation and change. This dynamic is fueled by the advent of new and emergent tools and technologies, which are catalyzing revolutionary possibilities. Strategies and tactics aimed at erecting agile, resilient, and adaptable supply chains within a landscape fraught with risks and disruptions undergo continuous evolution. Concurrently, supply chains have undergone a metamorphosis, transitioning from being viewed solely as a cost center to becoming pivotal engines of profit and growth. The influence wielded by supply chain executives over their organizations’ future trajectories is now more significant than ever before. This juncture anticipates the imminent need for a new wave of leaders to assimilate an extensive repository of best practices and learned lessons, thereby avoiding the need to reinvent established methodologies.

In response to these multifaceted imperatives, the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit emerges as a beacon. This summit serves as a nexus, drawing together a prestigious assembly of industry experts, alongside service and solution providers, as well as esteemed media partners from across North America. This congregation transcends geographical boundaries, creating a platform for networking, benchmarking, and the exchange of practical insights. These insights are geared towards addressing the universal challenges encountered by every Supply Chain Management professional in the course of their daily endeavors. In this collaborative atmosphere, participants collectively contribute to the enhancement of supply chain paradigms, navigating the complexities of logistics and supply chain management, supply chain planning, and the broader landscape of supply chain operations management.