North American Food Safety & Quality (NAFS)

As food regulations and customer expectations continue to evolve across the United States and around the world, food and beverage companies work constantly to meet and exceed expectations. Food safety and quality issues from farm to fork are paramount for both corporate success and public well-being. Food safety, quality, and compliance challenges are not a competitive space, they are a shared responsibility. With HACCP and FSMA as the starting point, not the finish line, food handlers and the executives responsible for food excellence know they are more effective sharing and learning with one another to improve how food safety training, food protection, and food quality control work both inside their organizations and throughout the value chain.

The North American Food Safety & Quality series brings together the “who’s who” of FSQ leaders executives, cutting-edge service and solution providers and media partners for North America’s premier food safety event.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Integrating Food Safety Systems
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leadership Tools and Skillsets
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Risk Management
  • Collaborative QA/QC
  • The Digital Revolution’s Impact on FSQ

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Food Safety Officers
  • Chief Quality Officers
  • Heads, VPs, and Directors of…
    • FSQ
    • QA/QC
    • HSE
    • Compliance
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Food Technology
    • Risk Management
    • Operations
      and more.

In an era marked by evolving food regulations and heightened customer expectations worldwide, the food and beverage industry remains in a state of perpetual adaptation. Across the United States and beyond, FSQ professionals operating within this realm dedicate relentless efforts to not only meet but surpass the established benchmarks. In this journey, the significance of quality and safety, spanning from farm to fork, looms large. This dual focus is essential not only for corporate prosperity but also for the well-being of the general public. The domains of food safety and compliance form an intrinsic part of this landscape, transcending mere competitive boundaries and becoming a shared responsibility.

Acknowledging this collaborative imperative, the executives entrusted with ensuring food excellence recognize the potency of collective knowledge sharing and learning. By embracing such an approach, they strive to enhance the broader common good.

The North American Food Safety & Quality series emerges as a cornerstone event within this context. This series serves as an unparalleled gathering, uniting the eminent figures within the fields of food safety, quality, and compliance. This convergence extends its reach to encompass cutting-edge service and solution providers, along with esteemed media partners. Truly emblematic of North America’s premier food safety event, this event brings together the “who’s who” in the industry. It offers a unique platform for cross-industry networking, benchmarking, and the dissemination of insights and practical solutions. Within this collaborative setting, professionals collectively nurture the advancement of food safety, quality, and compliance, championing a shared ethos of elevating standards for the betterment of all.