Register Your Representatives Here!

Registrations are subject to the final approval of Executive Platforms, Inc.

Each representative must be employed at the Sponsoring Company and cannot be a client or partner.

An exception to the above point is if you wish to register a client because they will be speaking at your Sponsored Session on the Agenda. You can do so through this page, however, please be aware that their registration does count towards the allocated passes.

Each person will receive a confirmation email immediately after the completion of these registrations. However, if we need to reject a registration, we will get in touch with you within 48 hours and give you a reason for the same.

Each approved representative will receive access to the platform, 2 weeks prior to the event dates.

You must register ONLY the number of passes included in your Sponsorship. If you are unsure of this number or would like to purchase additional passes, please email:

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